Colin Reed: Time to Visit a Lady

After abandoning their prestigious scientific careers, Nicola and Victoria, best friends since school, survive a dreadful experience together, and in a bid to escape from both the hurt and the perpetrators, sail away into the sunset, both determined to succeed and start a new life.

After interludes in Portugal, Ireland and Scotland, the two survivors finally find a semblance of normality again, in Florida, where new love, new hope and a new purpose help them to recover from their physical and mental wounds, while at the same time the underworld activities that heralded their unwarranted departure reaches a shocking conclusion.

Colin Reed’s new book intertwines the blossoming romance of kindred spirits as it transforms the misfortune of the two girls, while set against ever present conflict of both the sea and the criminal infl uences that follow them to their new lives.

Price: £10