Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024

The Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024 can be ordered from several places due to current shipping restrictions Europe Amazon UK – Amazon Germany – Amazon France – Amazon Netherlands – Rest of World –…
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Downwind faster than the wind

‘Downwind faster than the wind’ is a ground breaking and intriguing book by Nicholas Landell-Mills, an independent researcher in applied physics, which explores the theory of sailing in a new and perhaps controversial way that breaks with established models. His…
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Story of Göran Andersson and Marinex now published in English

Göran Andersson was one of Marstrand’s most famous sailors and businessmen. In 2019, Marstrands Hembygdsförening (Marstrand Local Heritage Society) published his story in Swedish, but it has now been translated into English and is available both as a printed book and as for Kindle. Göran Andersson was born…
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Calendars 2020

Five Calendars have been produced for 2020. Individual links below but they can all be ordered here: All Calendars are £14.99 each plus tax and shipping. They are 43 cm by 28 cm when open. Finn Class Calendar 2020…
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Int. 5.5 Metre 70th Anniversary Yearbook

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the International 5.5 Metre Class and the 100th Scandinavian Gold Cup later this year, the International 5.5 Metre Association has published a commemorative yearbook.

Rainbows & Dragons – Gordon Ingate Biography

Gordon Ingate’s illustrious sailing career spans international campaigning in Dragons and 5.5 Metres, offshore racing, the Olympics and the America’s Cup. ‘Rainbows & Dragons’ is his official biography, a fascinating story of Gordon Ingate’s life in and around the sailing…
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Essex and Suffolk Boatyards and Boat Builders

A fascinating record of the boatyards and boat builders of Essex and Suffolk ‘Essex and Suffolk Boatyards and Boat Builders’ by Mike Davies is a fascinating historical record of the boatyards and boat builders of Essex and Suffolk and its…
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Memories and Forgetfulness

In his candid and often brutally honest autobiography, Colin Reed, remembers countless stories from his childhood in Southampton, his 10 years in the Royal Navy and then a 40 year career in the upstream oil and gas industry including time…
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The Beer was Still Cold

In 2017 the Finn World Masters was held in Barbados. This is a photo book of the event and the people. 100 pages Price: £13 (UK), £16.50 (Europe) £19 (RoW) BUY NOW

Being with Benny: Inside the World of Ben Lexcen

Being with Benny is the story of how Bob Miller, from a shattered childhood in rural Australia and only four years of schooling became one of the world’s leading yacht designers. His creation Australia II won the America’s Cup in…
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